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“Progressing is more important than Perfection.” – Simon Sinek

Abhiraj believes that certain situation demands that an individual concentrates towards achieving their goals, rather than aiming meticulously to its perfection. However, one should also ensure that the trail of the said journey is nothing less than being perfect.

“A wise man should know when to attach and when to detach.”

Abhiraj deems that it is wise to have an understanding of the limited nature of attachments in all of its aspects. It is very crucial to do so in order to ensure that an individual’s progress is not compromised due to ones inability to understand the concept of ‘When to detach.”

“Desire for a change, Be the change.”

Abhiraj strongly believes that in order to keep up with the ever changing times, one needs to e persistent as well as evolve constantly. That is one of the most important keys to achieve desired results.

“Balance between believing in the Power of Me and We.”

According to Abhiraj, accomplishing a set goal is necessary, what is also crucial is to understand, what parts to delegate and what parts to execute by one’s own self, in order to achieve the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency.

“Give to gain.”

Abhiraj strongly believes and recommends sharing ones tangibles as well as intangibles is one of the best methods to truly gain something.