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Coming from well cultured and established business family from Ahmedabad, Shah has business, running in his blood. Moreover, he is a personality with a pursuit to discover continually and is an exceedingly motivated person.

At a sheer age of 21 years, this permutation of Entrepreneur-Engineer, gives him a distinctive advantage and composes him to be an exuberant being. This quality gives him the rare and coveted aptitude of learning an assortment of things and to execute his learning in a unique approach to an array of pertinent possibilities.

Abhiraj possesses a set of principles that are evenhanded and coherent. He is born to lead and believes in team work, and development for him is plural term, wherein he believes in achieving his goals whilst keeping in mind the need and ability of the team he engages with.

On the flip side, Abhiraj takes tremendous pleasure in cooking and loves chopping vegetables and fruits. He feels cooking helps him rejuvenate and aids him to learn the art endurance, which is a rarity in today’s generation. Additionally, his engineering side helps him understand the thermodynamics of each ingredient while he is tossing the pan.

His hobbies also include playing golf. Being an invariable apprentice, he believes that golf is a wholesome sport, which imparts him with a unique set of standards and lessons for living.

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