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What is Abhiraj doing at the moment

At present, Abhiraj is pursuing Mechanical Engineering from ‘The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’ in Germany, where he is in the final year of the course. He is majoring in Global Production Management to comprehend the niches of globalization. To persist his research and understanding of globalization, he is planning to conduct a thesis in the field of “ “.

Along with pursuing his degree, Abhiraj is an active participant and the project lead in the Techfabrik department of Daimler AG in Sindelfingen. His key responsibility area is ‘Battery Housing of the next generation Electric Vehicles for Mercedes. This project has given him the opportunity to benchmark certain standards on a real time basis as well as evaluate certain parameters of ascertaining the planned goals. Currently, he has put in a pitch with the board of management regarding an absolutely diverse approach for manufacturing the cooling plated for the battery housing. In order to accomplish the goals set by the board and the company he is also concentrating this manufacturing process and develops a deeper understanding of its application.

Additionally, Abhiraj is the Executive Director for the Automation System Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India, wherein his responsibilities are to undertake the international affairs as well as the expansion opportunities for Group Automation in the European regions. He is actively involved in the fields of Electrical Test and Measurement Instruments, Hydrometeorolgy and Satellite Communications. He is also putting in work to establish a Europe based subsidiary for the said group of companies.

Over the past several months, Abhiraj has also been training himself with Neuro Linguistic Programme that principally focuses on the core components of Subjectivity, Consciousness and Learning. He believes that—

Abhiraj is also training himself with Neuro Linguistic Programme over the past several months. He is mainly focusing in the core components of Subjectivity,