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Father: – Mr Shaunak Shah is the father of Abhiraj Shah. He is founder and the chairman of Group Automation. An engineer by experience and a commerce graduate by education, Mr. Shaunak Shah has contributed greatly into the development of a conglomerate of technological oriented business. Abhiraj looks up to him as his true visionary. Mr.Shaunak is also an excellent occasional cook. Under his guidance, Abhiraj has learnt the skill of constant learning.

Mother: – Ms. Nipa Shah is the mother of Abhiraj Shah. She is the chairperson of 10 Retreat and the managing director at Automation System Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Shah mainly manages and runs the Home and supports all the family members in every possible way. She also gets involved in the strategic decision making for the Group Automation. Ms. Shah has exceptional planning and execution skills that Abhiraj is developing. Abhiraj also admires the way she handles her work people and gets her things done on time as well as under her set compliance.

Sister: – Ms. Priyanka Shah is the elder sister of Abhiraj Shah. She is the Chief Operating Officer at the Group Automation. Ms. Shah is a graduate from SMU in Innovation and Management. Ms. Shah is also an avid book reader and an occasional writer. Her way of heading and managing the old school co-workers is impeccable and highly admired by Abhiraj. An artist by nature and empirical at core, Abhiraj highly looks up on her, as she carves her way up the ladder.